Grass Valley LDX Series

The LDX Series™ of software upgradable cameras enhances your creativity and gives you amazing control. Four models—Flex, Première, Elite, and WorldCam—offer varying levels of operational flexibility to match every production need. The simple GV-eLicense program delivers the ability to elevate your camera's capabilities perpetually or on a 7-day term without ever compromising on quality. With LDX, your investment is safe and sound.

Highly Sensitive Camera Seeks Creative Type For Good Times: Does high sensitivity, effortless 1080p acquisition under low light conditions, and texture preservation processing sound good? How about smart coupling between functions, streamlined menu structure support, and higher quality artistic imagery? If you answered yes, then check out the LDX Series.

Effortless Communication: The secret of any relationship? Good communication. The LDX Series together with the
Grass Valley Connect Gateway enables unrestricted communication between the C2IP camera control system with any other control solution in your production environment. Unique operator features like PickMe™, Endless Returns™, and Scene Direct™ can be enabled through this interface, and allows you to concentrate on your creativity and offer a new level of integration to the rest of the production team.

Go Ahead—Change Your Mind: You want a partner for the long-term; one that grows with you. That's LDX. When production requirements change, a GV-eLicense is all you need to expand your camera's capabilities to a higher level model. How you upgrade is up to you—perpetually or 7-day term; one, two, or three levels up. GV-eLicenses give you incredible production flexibility, easing CAPEX pressures.

Easy In/Easy Out: Pair any LDX Series camera with our patent pending dockable
XCU™ (eXchangeable Control Unit) camera transmission system and you get instant operational flexibility. A unique cradle, which can be pre-wired in the rack, eliminates cabling errors and reduces setup time. Each XCU comes with one cradle, but integrating additional cradles extends usability throughout your operation, allowing you to quickly and easily transfer XCUs between OB vans, studios, or anyplace.

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